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A short film I did as a project for my films studies were we had to narrate a story with 50 pictures. The pictures ares shot on 35mm, with an old Nikon camera. It’s shot in Thessaloniki, the city I spent 5 years studying architecture. Ironically, it’s the only film I’ve ever shot on film.



This is a video clip for the song “Rain” composed and performed by my talented sister Martha Mavroidi (she missed an “e” in translating our surname). It’s part of her second album titled “Portaki” which means “tiny door”. Martha had been writing music for many of my films so it was time I returned the gesture by making a video for her.

The video is shot entirely on the island of Santorini with a Nikon DSLR. The island, though overly destroyed by touristic development, still holds some spots of intact natural beauty. It’s also an island closely connected to the story of our family.

If you want to find out more about Martha, you can go to MARTHA’S WEBSITE

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Long term relationship

Lately I’ ve been having a constant partner on my bed-side.  It’s not someone new. We ’ve known each other for a while. It is one of these relationships that start with mixed feelings and silently grow into major commitments. And as their importance grows so does its presence in your everyday life. And one day you find yourselves sleeping together.

The first time it was a bit of a shock but sooner than soon it became a daily routine. Day by day I learned its night habits. I would have to unplug it in order for the white light of charging to go blind. And then I would turn it facing the wall in order to hide the red flashing light of the remaining battery. But apart from these light details we have been sharing our bed time peacefully. Needless to say, first thing in the morning, the screen opens, the ventilator starts rolling playing the sound part of the coffee machine and here I am, online again, checking for new mails, messages and likes and mechanically going through the news.  Because, you know, it’s the personality that counts, not the appearance. So, I kind of like my red laptop but I try to see beyond looks. It’s not just a laptop. It’s the internet. Web.2, I am caught in your net.

So, now that we are trapped together I thought I should give you some food for thought. Or, better say, I feel I should become a part of you in the way you have became a part of me.

Sweet dreams

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