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Koolhass houselife

“Koolhass houselife” by Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine is a documentary that follows the daily routines of house-made Guadalupe in Maison Bordeaux in South France. The famous private villa, built in 1998, was designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, one of the most acknowledged architects of our days.

The film presents in a humorous way a series of problems that have occurred in the building due to bad design and/or construction. It could be considered a 59 min masterclass both for engineering as well as conceptual architecture, making a strong comment on A-class modern architecture.

At the same time, the film stars a beautiful, full of energy Guadalupe, a Spanish middle-aged woman who, apparently, spends more time in the villa than its high-class owners. The conflict between Guadalupe’s perception of the house and the intentions of the architectural concept ends up being an eloquent statement on the conflict of social classes.

The film is part of a series of architectural films Living Architectures. More information about the film on

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