Το πρώτο μου μυθιστόρημα, μια περιπέτεια σε ένα απομονωμένο κυκλαδίτικο νησί κατά τη διάρκεια ενός χειμώνα. Πρωταγωνιστές μια αγέλη από γάτες που παλεύουν να επιβιώσουν μετά από ένα καλοκαίρι αφθονίας πλάι στους τουρίστες. Περισσότερα λόγια για το βιβλίο εδώ και η σελίδα του βιβλίου στο facebook εδώ.

“Nine lives left” is my first novel. Actually, I started wanting to write a script for an animation film but in the end it came out as a novel. Hopefully, one day it will become a movie. The novel was published in Greece in June 2014 by Polaris editions. The Greek title is “Εφτά ψυχές στο στόμα” (Efta psihes sto stoma). The novel is represented internationally by Catherine Fragou, Iris Literary Agency.

The story was born during some summer vacations in a friend’s house on the island of Siros. In the summer house there were two kittens who had moved into the garden out of free will and soon were unofficially adopted. They were both very cute and playful. While the summer was coming to an end, a logical question was raised: what would happen to them, and to all the other cats of the village in a similar hospitality status, once we were gone? How do these summer cats survive through winter? Well, this novel is one possible answer to the above questions…

Short synopsis

Just like every year, the national holiday of the 28th of October signaled the official end of the Greek summer season. All remaining tourists returned to the cities. One after the other, bars, taverns, hotels and summer houses shut down, leaving the coastal village to its winter hibernation. There was not a single soul living in that side of the island during winter – at least a human one. Because, besides humans, there were many lonely souls left behind. Souls in sets of nine.

Tonto and Marie Chantal were born to a stray cat in a tavern by the sea. Soon after, they were “adopted” by a Greek family, spending their summer in full comfort, in a country house, much like the majority of the cats in the village. Now that their foster parents were leaving, they were suddenly forced to survive on their own. Well, not completely on their own.

Along with the other cats that were left behind, Tonto and Marie Chantal will go on a journey to the other side of the island were they hope to find again human care. They are accompanied by Khrushchev, the savage cat leader, Lele, the deposed lady, Pericles, the overweight domestic cat, the rabbit-cat Pour-pour and the tiny black kitten Matilda.

On their way they will come across the herd of wild “Unchristianed” cats, they will spend a week of luxury in the house of Siamese Krisa and get a lesson of wisdom by the deaf old cat Cholito. They’ll get wet, cold and hungry. They will hunt and be hunted. They will face dogteeth, claws, and beaks. They will sharpen their instincts, lick their wounds and count again and again their remaining souls, hoping to find the humans before they turn wild.


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