Since 2006 I have wrote many scripts for TV productions. Here I have two episodes as a work sample. There are no English subtitles available.

The first is from the TV-series “Ihni” (“Traces”). “Ihni” was a crime series based on the concept of CSI. It was a very challenging production for Greek TV standards. It was directed by Vasilis Tselemegos and first aired in 2007.

The second is from the TV-series “Se ida” (“I saw you”), a comedy that aired on 2009. Each episode had a different story that started with a casual meeting. The one I post here was directed by Mihalis Konstantatos.


“ΙΧΝΗ” / επεισόδιο 14: “Αγαπημένε μου πατέρα”



“ΣΕ ΕΙΔΑ” / επεισόδιο 14: “Το μυστικό του Κίσσαβου”

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