“Fifteen” is a feature documentary about an annual tradition named “dekapente” (15) that takes place in the small island of Thirasia, right accross the world famous Santorini.

In the southest point of Thirasia, on a clif with breath-taking view of the volcano caldera, lies the church of “Kimisi” (“dormition”) dedicated to the Assumption of Mother Mary, celebrated every year on August 15th. For Greek Orthodoxs this celebration comes second in importance after Easter.

Locals from the island spent 15 days, from July 31st till August 15th, living in little rooms around the church. Each day they attend both the morning and evening mess and day by day clean and prepare the church for the big celebration when many people from the villages attend.

The protagonists of the documentary are four women, all of which have made a “tama” (a sacrate commitment) to Mother Mary to spend these fifteen days living by the church. These “tama” are a way of exchange with the Saints, since people engage to them upon praying for something important.

The project is currently in production.



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